Category: Science

February 1, 2019

Many Believe Science Is Only For Geniuses

Survey reveals that although people like science, they don’t understand it. A survey on the public perception of science commissioned by 3M is in many ways both revealing and perplexing. On the one hand, people have a positive perspective on the idea of science, but perhaps unsurprisingly, there are many science skeptics. And, although the number of people who see science as important is significant, […]

June 27, 2018

3M Creates State of Science Index Survey, Interview with 3M Corporate Scientist and Chief Science Advocate

3M commissioned a survey on how the public perceives science and included participants from all over the world. The study is titled the 3M State of Science Index. I had the opportunity to interview Jayshree Seth, 3M Corporate Scientist and Chief Science Advocate about the index. Before we get to the interview, however, let’s take a look at some of the results. 3M summarized their […]