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photoMy name is Alejandro Rojas. I am currently a journalist and magazine editor. I have also spent much of my adult life as a corporate trainer and manager. I am finishing up a bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, but have also spent a lot of my academic life as a journalism student.

I write for Open Minds Magazine, where I am also an editor, podcast host, conference organizer, and active social media user. I also blog for the Huffington Post. My posts have been featured in the weird, science, entertainment and crime sections. I have been interviewed by several news outlets, including major cable news networks, such as MSNBC, the National Geographic Channel, the Travel Channel, and E!: Entertainment Television. I have also assisted with productions for NBC, Syfy, and several independent projects.

I am active in my local democratic party, and am a big fan of President Obama. I tweet politics and other news using my twitter handle, @Liberal_Latino. I also advocate the benefits of meditation and relaxation. I have a certificate in hypnotherapy, and have taught meditation classes.

I am an animal lover and a vegetarian. I love nature, children, people, kindness, compassion, astronomy, and planet earth. I obviously have a lot of interests, and I blog and write to share information I feel may be helpful or interesting.

I hope you enjoy my posts, and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

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