Neuroscientist discusses the idea of consciousness transfer from the new movie Self/less

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A new thriller starring Ben Kingsley and Ryan Reynolds explores the idea of transferring consciousness from one body to another. Unlike Freaky Friday, or the myriad of other family movies and comedies that have explored the idea, this one actually explores the science of the process.

In the movie Self/less, a rich business man (Kingsley) is dying of cancer. However, he is able to prolong his “self” by transferring his consciousness from one body to another. In the movie, this medical procedure is called “shedding.”

You may be wondering how such a far out concept can actually have any science to it. I wondered the same thing, so I asked a neuroscientist.

Is a self aware robot like Chappie possible? Yes, and soon, says scientist. (Full interview)

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I was fortunate enough to be invited to a screening and press conference for the movie Chappie. It is a great movie about a police robot named Chappie that is downloaded with a program that makes him self-aware.

At the press conference, Neill Blomkamp, the director, script writer, and the guy who came up with the idea for the movie, said he wasn’t sure if humanity could ever produce the type of artificial intelligence (AI) in Chappie. I was curious if that was possible myself.

In order to answer that question, I was able to interview the founder and director of the Visual and Autonomous Exploration Systems Research Laboratory at Caltech and the University of Arizona, Dr. Wolfgang Fink. He is working on building an autonomous ” planetary field geologist” robot for NASA.

Are We All Cyborgs? Interview with Futurist Jason Silva on RoboCop

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Your friendly neighborhood cyborg cop, RoboCop, is back. You may have already seen the new movie remake of the 1987 classic. Thinking back on the original movie, as a kid, I felt it offered a depressing version of the future, scary tech in the hands of bad people. Now as an adult, it makes me further wonder. Are we ready to handle the technology offered up in the movie? We better be, because now 27 years later, it’s nearly here.

I got the chance to talk to filmmaker and futurist Jason Silva about these topics. He suggests that not only should we not be afraid of our bold new world, but we may all already be cyborgs.

OCD Expert Who Recommends Meditation as Therapy Is the Focus of New eBook

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Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz applies Buddhist teachings to his work with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and bucks the mainstream belief that the brain is a static organ that dictates our actions. So it is no wonder that he is a controversial figure.

Mindfulness Meditation and OCD Interview with Steve Volk on Dr. Jeffrey Schwartz